In celebration of our tenth anniversary year, we are launching our Fellowships. These are awarded for exceptional contributions to Christian creativity, and entitle the recipient to all the privileges of a lifetime ArtServe membership.

We were proud to announce the first such awards at our 2019 AGM – and are honoured that all four of the people we approached have accepted their Fellowships.

Two of the recipients have received certificates by post as they were unable to be with us at the AGM. The other two were able to be presented with them in person.

Introducing the recipients of ArtServe Fellowships

Erica Bebb

Erica Bebb

The Revd Erica Bebb has been our festival chaplain for the last two years, and has both modelled and shared creative ministry.

She is an Anglican priest in the Diocese of Bristol where her job title is Pastor for the Arts. A former dancer, she is passionate about using the arts to raise awareness of violence against women.

Andrew Pratt

Andrew Pratt

The Revd Dr Andrew Pratt was a member of the Methodist Church Music Society before the foundation of ArtServe, and is a prolific hymn writer, widely known for his challenging words. He was a member of the Music Resources Group for the 2011 Methodist hymn book Singing the Faith. He also paints, blogs, lectures and is chair of the Pratt Green Trust.

Stella Tidmarsh receives her certificate

Stella Tidmarsh

Stella was ‘in at the beginning’ of ArtServe – and her husband Graham (sadly no longer with us) was the first chair.

Stella has been a constant, encouraging presence over the decade, attending every festival. She is modest about her own considerable musical talents including many years as a church organist.

Michaela Youngson

Michaela Youngson

As the most recent Past President of the Methodist Conference, the Revd Michaela Youngson will be well known to many.

When she is not preaching, representing the Methodist Church or ministering to others, she can be found in her studio creating artworks in fused glass. Michaela is the author of two books and continues to be called upon as a writer of reflections, liturgy and poetry.

Will there be more ArtServe Fellowships?

and do members have a say?

If you are a member of ArtServe and would like to nominate another ArtServe member for a fellowship, then please send your suggestions to . You can also talk directly to one of the board members. Nominations will be considered by the board before the next AGM. (As it is board members who decide whether or not to offer a fellowship, it would not be appropriate for a current board member to be included amongst those nominated.)

Anyone you nominate must be a member of ArtServe, and one who has made an exceptional contribution to Christian creativity, as well as showing particular support to ArtServe itself. We wanted to launch the initiative with several fellowships, to celebrate a range of different contributions, but in the future it is unlikely that more than one fellowship a year will be awarded (and some years there may be none at all).