The ArtServe Board spent some time at its meeting in the summer of 2012 exploring our understanding of our core values. We needed to do this in order both to clarify where we should focus our limited resources and to underpin the search for additional resources.

At our present level of membership it is unlikely that we can afford to employ any paid staff; so we are looking to some combination of additional members and external funding in order to enable us to develop ArtServe in the way we believe should happen.

That process led us to develop what we have called a belief statement. Whilst it sets ArtServe clearly within the Trinitarian Christian tradition, it is not a creed like the historic creeds of the church; we are not seeking to define ourselves as against error. We are trying to spell out our aspirations and set our feet on a journey. The document is full of words like explore, imagine, inclusive and inspire. It is about the creative arts in support of living faith and of the fallible people who are trying to follow that faith.

The document is certainly not intended to be set in stone. Rather we see it as a living, breathing document designed to inspire the Board, members and others. For our hope is that many will wish to join us on a journey of discovery in which the creative arts support people in both personal and corporate faith development.

Please read our belief statement. Please use it in your prayers. Please use it to encourage others to join us. And please help us to keep it a living document by discussing its implications for you in the places where you find yourselves and by offering comment if you think the Board are getting it wrong.

We aspire to be a supportive community for those interested in the use of creative arts in the service of the gospel. Please play your part in helping us become just that.

Dudley Coates
October 2012