We run an annual festival weekend in the autumn which brings people together from all over the country to share experiences, explore creativity, develop ideas about how the arts can be used in worship, and to worship together.

ArtServe magazine is a key part of what we do. It enables members to share ideas and experiences with others, and provides them with encouragement and advice.

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ArtServe awards recognise contributions made to the life of the church through the arts. They can be for long service, for a special occasion, or for someone who has used the arts to encourage others to develop their faith.

We can provide financial support via the Freeman Trust in the form of grants to young people (though adults are not excluded) for tuition which helps them to contribute to music in worship.

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The annual festival weekend is our main event of the year and is usually held in October, the venue alternating between The Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire and High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire.

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The Freeman (Methodist) Music Trust makes grants, particularly for tuition for organists, other instrumentalists and singers, who contribute to music in worship. While ArtServe is an ecumenical organisation, this trust is at present limited to Methodist churches. People of any age are encouraged to apply, although the trustees especially welcome younger applicants.

... or worshipful creativity?

ArtServe issue six editorial

In her editorial for issue six of ArtServe magazine, Richenda Milton-Daws explained what drew her to ArtServe and how she now sees its role.

‘Are you passionate about the creative arts? Do you want to explore how they can be used in worship?‘ Reading that in an advertisement for potential trustees was what prompted me to put myself forward. Involvement with ArtServe, I thought, would be a way to bring ‘the arts’ into corporate acts of worship. Wouldn't it?

What is ArtServe Sunday?

ArtServe Sunday is a celebration of arts and creativity that are a means of enhancing worship using our senses.

Arts Sunday is a day on which we can celebrate the gifts that so many people have in arts, and even uncover gifts that we did not know were there, to encourage people to bring all their skills and arts to worship. Those hidden skills may be in your church, you may have an abundance of skills that you can share with another church, particularly the smaller rural churches.

evesham10_20130318_1475251608.jpgOne day events across the country are part of what ArtServe does – a way of encouraging people from different regions to come together, share ideas and experiences, and experience creativity as a natural part of worship.

We have organised or co-organised successful events as far afield as Bristol and Thetford, Chislehurst and Evesham, Sketty (near Swansea) and Diss. We hope to be running more events in other areas (as well as returning to repeat some successes) over the next couple of years.

If you are interested in being involved with a regional creative day, do email us or get in touch via our Facebook page.

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