What is ArtServe Sunday?

ArtServe Sunday is a celebration of arts and creativity that are a means of enhancing worship using our senses.

Arts Sunday is a day on which we can celebrate the gifts that so many people have in arts, and even uncover gifts that we did not know were there, to encourage people to bring all their skills and arts to worship. Those hidden skills may be in your church, you may have an abundance of skills that you can share with another church, particularly the smaller rural churches.

Arts Sunday can be the occasion when you invite someone or some people to show how their creativity can bring our worship closer to the sense of being with God as we pray and praise. It is also a day on which it would be good to recognise all those who contribute to worship in a creative way, to acknowledge and be thankful for their ministry before the local congregation and before God.


Arts Sunday may be a time when not only are the arts celebrated in worship, but when, perhaps the day before, events can be held to demonstrate the range of artistic talent in a church community, to run workshops, perhaps with members of ArtServe who are in your area or who may be happy to travel to help.

When is ArtServe Sunday?

drummers_detail2.jpg 19 July 2015 was designated as ArtServe Sunday. We do understand how church diaries have to be carefully managed and how hard it can be to fit an event into a busy schedule, so please hold your Arts Sunday event on a different date if you wish. But do let us know what you are doing so that we can post details on the ArtServe website and encourage one another. Do also let us have news and photographs of events afterwards so that they can be shared to inform and encourage others.

How can I get further help?

If you have any questions, suggestions for prayers, or artistic ideas which can be shared, go to the ArtServe Facebook page, tweet us @_ArtServe or send us an email.