ArtServe long service award

ArtServe awards can be given to recognise the often unsung contribution of anyone who has employed their creative skills in the life of the church.

They can be for long service, for a special occasion – for example as a thank you for organising an event – or for someone who has used the arts to encourage others to develop their faith.

The award comes in the form of a specially designed certificate. The long service version features an embossed medallion - silver for 25 or more years service, and gold for those who have served the church for at least 40 years.

Our awards are intended to be presented via the local church to anyone who has served the church through the arts in any capacity, whether through music, dance & drama, visual arts, or creative writing. They may have served more than one church and they may have served in more than one capacity.

Certificates are inscribed by our own calligrapher and cost £15.00 each.

To apply for a certificate please provide the following information for each certificate required, making sure you give the exact words to be inscribed:

  • Type of certificate required - silver, gold (or neither if not for long service)
  • Name of recipient
  • Position(s) held
  • Number of years of service if appropriate
  • Name of the person who will present the certificate
  • Exact date of presentation
  • Name and full address of the person to whom the certificate should be sent
  • Contact telephone number and email address.

Please submit your application at least three weeks prior to the presentation date. If a certificate is required more urgently than this, please contact us by email or phone 07808 162827 before applying.

Please mention ArtServe awards in any related publicity. By applying for an award you agree to the citation being listed on this website and/or in Artserve magazine. If you would like a photo and brief report of the occasion to appear on the ArtServe website please email them to the webmaster. Please make sure you have the recipient's permission for us to use any photographs you send.

Apply by email

Please make sure you include all the information listed above. You can either pay by cheque (as below) or by direct transfer, in which case please make sure Allison knows about the payment.

Send details by email

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Apply by post

Please download and print an application form:

Send your completed form(s) with a  cheque made payable to ArtServe to:
Allison Lewis, 110 Northcliffe Road, Stockport, SK2 5AN

Further information

If you have any queries please contact Allison by email or phone 07808 162827.