ArtServe award presentationThe first ArtServe long service award has been presented to someone whose art form is something other than music.

Our new style awards are being presented to people across the country who have given over 25 years of service in the creative arts to the church. To date these have mainly continued to be presented to musicians.

However, in September, Margaret Bowker from Edgworth Methodist Church in the Bolton Circuit created a little bit of history. She became the first person to receive a long service award in a non-music capacity. She has been the church flower secretary for over 40 years. At the harvest festival service on 18th September 2011, the church and her family sprang a surprise for her when the then ArtServe pastoral secretary, the late Margaret Higson, presented her with a gold long service certificate.

ArtServe award presentationIncluded in the presentation was a personal letter from Dudley Coates, chair of ArtServe, congratulating her on the award, and some flowers from the church.

If you know someone who has made contributions to your church through the creative arts for over 25 years then why not consider recognising their long service?