A hymn by Andrew Pratt for use in connection with the Olympics. Sue Gilmurray's tune for this hymn, TWENTY TWELVE is available to ArtServe members from music downloads.

Lift high the banner of these games
in this Olympic year,
that as we forge relationships
respect might cast out fear.
Whatever name or creed we bear,
we share a common birth,
our skill and our ability
is drawn from all the earth.

Four billion people watch and cheer,
each country hand in hand,
where race and faith and nation meet
we pledge to make a stand:
through training we achieve each goal,
the victory is won.
A greater challenge far, for all:
to treat this world as one.

And so, O God, we pray for grace,
in each success or loss,
that we might find humility
to bear each crown or cross;
in circles of communion
to share a common task,
to work for peace, to build fresh hope,
is all we seek or ask.

Andrew Pratt © Stainer & Bell Ltd 28/01/2012
Available freely for local use but please include in your CCL returns

Sue Gilmurray has written a tune TWENTY TWELVE specially for this hymn. It is available to ArtServe members from music downloads.

Other suggested tunes: COE FEN or ST ASAPH