This hymn was written by ArtServe member Jo Kay in response to Geoff Wainwright's hymn-writing challenge to write a new hymn for the tune DIVINE MYSTERIES with its unusual metre 66 66 88 66 (in fact Jo's hymn is 67 66 88 66).

Be still to worship God,
Be still to hear her speaking.
Come now into this place,
Come open heart and mind?
And bring her all your emptiness
And bring her all your need of love,
You’ll find you’re known by name
You’ll know that you are seen.

Be still so you’ll be filled,
Be still and feel the silence.
Come lift your hearts in hope,
Come hold your hands in prayer.
And when you’re listening quietly
And when your mind is fully still
You might just see your lord
You’ll find a presence here.

You worship as you dance,
You worship as you’re singing
The message of your love,
The off’ring of your heart.
And when you pray and meditate
And when you share in all your gifts,
It’s then your heart will sing,
It’s then your feet will dance.

Be silent as you share,
Be silent as you’re gazing
on candle, cloth or cross
On painting, sculpture, art.
God’s pleased with all that you create
God’s pleased with all you do and make
Be still and worship God,
Be still and praise the Lord.

© Jo Kay 2014