ArtServe Belief Statement as at Autumn 2012

We believe creativity transforms people and communities:

  • ArtServe is imaginative, inclusive and inspirational, empowering people and communities to explore through the arts their relationship with God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  • We support creativity which brings people together; creativity which makes new disciples; creativity which helps us go deeper into God; and creativity which transforms people, relationships and communities.
  • We want people to take part and explore their God-given creative gifts; we want to encourage and inspire people from absolute beginners to professional artists whether they see themselves primarily as creators, performers or audience.
  • It’s about keeping faith and worship alive; it’s about looking at God’s love from a fresh perspective; it’s about using our imaginations whilst maintaining a healthy respect for our heritage and where we’ve come from.
  • We’re a supportive community, helping people to release and develop their creative skills for the service of the wider Christian community.

We seek to do this:

  • believing that imagination, expressed through artistic creativity, through performance of the arts and through experience of the arts, has been vital in creating, renewing and sustaining people and communities through the ages; bringing to life the beliefs and ideas by which we live; and reinterpreting them for new generations and new times.
  • recognising our own heritage in the world of church music whilst believing that for centuries creativity in many fields has been used to celebrate and communicate the beliefs and values of the Church. Great paintings, architecture, music, drama, dance and poetry have all helped people to understand, visualise and explore their faith.