Paul banner

Banner-making is experiencing a revival in UK churches. Here we offer tips and advice to all who wish to explore this art form.


Jacqui Frost exhibition

Cathedral exhibitions of textile art

Since 2006 textile artist Jacqui Parkinson has created ten amazing hand stitched exhibitions. These were designed to tour around churches and cathedrals in England. This sounds impressive and indeed it is incredibly so. The delicately stitched work confronts life and faith with poems, biblical quotations and references.



A Celebration of Banners

A Celebration of Banners
Edited and compiled by Ruth Wood and Priscilla Nunnerley
Rochart (2008) - ISBN 978-0955858208

With the resurgence of knitting and needlecraft many churches have banner making groups producing hangings for decoration and for special occasions. Many have also found fellowship and fun!