Blessing quilts

We review a book on banner-making, which has experienced a revival in UK churches; find out about Jacqui Parkinson's remarkable textile exhibitions; and Michelle Pickering has instructions for making blessing quilts, which was one of the activities at the 2023 ArtServe festival.


Blessing quilts

At the 2023 ArtServe festival, Michelle Pickering led a workshop on making blessing quilts. Participants were each able to complete a mini-quilt. This article details the materials needed, and gives instructions for making the both types of quilts.

By offering two different types of quilt we ensured that people with all levels of sewing ability were included. This might be useful if you intend to run a session at your own church or craft group. The felt quilts can also be joined together using fabric glue if needed.

Threads Through Life and Faith exhibition

Threads Through Life and Faith
by Jacqui Parkinson
ISBN ‎ 978-1907636134

Reviewed by Jacqui Hicks

This book provides fascinating detail into the series of exhibitions commissioned by The Deo Gloria Trust and stitched by textile artist Jacqui Parkinson between 2006 and 2010.

A Celebration of Banners

A Celebration of Banners
Edited and compiled by Ruth Wood and Priscilla Nunnerley
Rochart (2008) - ISBN 978-0955858208
Paperback, 128 pages

With the resurgence of knitting and needlecraft many churches have banner making groups producing hangings for decoration and for special occasions. Many have also found fellowship and fun!