ArtServe is a company limited by guarantee and is governed by a board of directors. All directors are also trustees of the registered charity. Other officers, along with phone numbers, are listed on the contact us page.

Our trustees

Jackie de Bourcier (treasurer)

Jackie lives in Hemel Hempstead where she is treasurer of the local Methodist Church. She took early retirement from her work at Heathrow Airport , and now appreciates the time not spent working for being with family around the country.

She loves singing, and has been a member of various local choirs, including singing in various beautiful churches at the London Sangerstevne (a Norwegian style choir festival) with choirs from around the world. She has experience of playing in an orchestra, her instrument of choice being timpani, and enjoys listening to classical music including modern arrangements of traditional pieces.

She enjoys travel and photography and is grateful for the opportunity to visit many beautiful places and capture them on camera.

Rachel Gallehawk (email newsletter editor)

Rachel is a chartered librarian and has worked in public libraries for over 35 years. She was born in London's Finsbury Park (yes, actually in the park), migrated to Dagenham with her parents and two brothers, studied librarianship in Birmingham, then returned to Essex. She currently lives in Basildon.

She has a sense of humour, loves walking, produces podcasts for a community radio station, creates YouTube videos, and has been a Methodist local preacher since 2012. She has had a passion for writing (and reading) since an early age. She writes poetry, stories and non-fiction articles. An avid cross-stitcher, she creates and sells designs from her own photographs.

Rachel believes in the power and importance of story in worship, and in seeking connection with God through nature and creativity. She joined ArtServe in 2019, and is also a member of the Association of Christian Writers.

Jenny Harris

Jenny is Methodist local preacher living in Hemel Hempstead. She has recently taken early retirement from working with and teaching IT in a primary school. She has many years experience as a Guide guider and has been a school governor, and served as clerk to the governors.

She enjoys photography, and creating movie clips of worship song accompanied by her photographs. She has an interest in history of art and has travelled widely to see exhibitions, often of the Methodist Modern Art Collection! More recently, she has discovered a gift for writing monologues and reflections which can be used in worship. She is passionate about encouraging everyone to appreciate the arts in their many forms.

Jacqui Hicks

Jacqui and her family are based in Chislehurst, Kent. She was a Creative Arts Adviser with CAiM and involved with ArtServe from the beginning. She has a creative work background in costume design/making in theatre and television and retired from 17 years as a Teaching Assistant/SEN support in 2023. She is enjoying retirement and is now an independent Drawing and Talking practitioner.

She uses all forms of creativity,  including art, drama and music as well as creating visual displays, to help enhance prayer and worship. She has worked extensively around the country for 30 years creating displays in churches and cathedrals, and leads workshops on Labyrinths, Psalms, creative writing, Circle Dance and also introducing how to use the Methodist Church Modern Art Collection in worship and ‘How To’ create worship linked displays. The list continues to grow as new challenges are accepted and ideas emerge.

Allison Lewis (chair)

Allison has been an ArtServe member since 2010, having been encouraged to attend her first festival by Andrew Pratt. She is a Methodist Local Preacher in the Stockport Circuit and enjoys using various arts and crafts when leading worship. Her particular interest is 'art in nature' and 'nature in art' incorporating a special interest in history and the Celtic tradition. She intends to learn to spin and weave, loves practising calligraphy and having a 'good sing'.

She is a special needs Teaching Assistant in a primary school, working one-to-one with some very special young people. As administrator of ArtServe awards, she says it is such a blessing to acknowledge people who devote their God-given gifts in the life of the church. She wants ArtServe to help people of faith recognise their gifts from God and have the confidence to use them as they worship and share their faith with others.

Rob Newton

Rob is a Methodist local preacher and worship leader, and a singer-songwriter. He has been a songwriter and performer since he was 18 and has now led worship for over 30 years.

Though Rob’s secular musical roots are firmly based in rock ‘n’ roll, he enjoys a very wide variety of music genres from folk and acoustic to reggae and hip-hop, which he brings with him into his worship music. Rob has a passion for contemporary worship music and using it to share the Gospel of Jesus.

As a former board member of the Methodist Church Music Society, Rob was a director through the exciting transition to ArtServe. Having had a break for a couple of years, he has returned to the board to help ArtServe grow and to maintain the success of the annual festival.

Michelle Pickering

Michelle is married, with two adult sons, and lives in Swindon. Work has taken her from her northern roots, but with family still living there, she has a good excuse to return regularly.

She has always loved art and crafts of any sort, reading, cooking and travelling. Having taken early retirement during Covid, she now has more time for family and friends, and to enjoy her hobbies, including quilting, bookbinding and journalling. Having recently graduated from the Open University, she is also writing her first children’s book.

A Methodist Local Preacher since 2005, Michelle uses a wide variety of creative elements in worship and is an experienced leader of quiet days and training events. She is committed to supporting the church in its move to be fully inclusive in every way, and to encourage people to explore and develop their gifts. She has a passion for outreach and social justice, especially to those who don’t feel the church would welcome them. She joined ArtServe in 2022.

Nel Shallow

Nel is a Methodist presbyter and Pioneer Minister currently serving in the Airedale circuit. She is passionate about communicating the Christian faith in creative ways, and enabling inclusive community by pioneering new gathering spaces, including social media networks.

She is married to James, and together they love spending time with their family: two grown-up sons and their partners. Home is in Sheffield where they spend as much of their time off as possible. She has a beautiful Labradoodle called Millicent Luna.

Nel is a writer and a photographer. She enjoys Bible journaling, paper folding, and sketching. She has an MA in mission and evangelism, and holds an ArtServe fellowship.

Jude Simms (magazine editor)

Originally from Sheffield, Jude lived in many parts of England before settling down again in her home city in 2019. She enjoys playing with paper, scissors and glue – mainly scrapbooking and art-journalling – and has just begun learning to weave on a hand loom.

With a BA in English and an MA in creative writing from Sheffield Hallam University, writing is her first love. She has published a couple of short stories, and is currently working on a historical crime novel. She also enjoys the challenge of writing bible-based stories and meditations, and is particularly interested in what the Bible doesn’t say – exploring the characters only hinted at in many of the stories, looking at the context in which they lived, and considering the unspoken repercussions of their encounters with God.

She is also a member of the Association of Christian Writers.

Janet Tweedale (secretary)

Janet was born and brought up in Rochdale and has lived in London since 1983, working in the Civil Service for more than 35 years before retiring in 2016. She is a local preacher in the Forest Methodist Circuit in east London.

She has been a member of ArtServe from the start, having previously belonged to the Methodist Church Music Society. While her original interest in joining was mainly musical (she plays flute and enjoys singing) she has come to love the sheer variety of creative arts in worship that ArtServe exists to encourage and support.