This area of the website is for those interested is in making creative use of the written word. There are inevitably areas that overlap, for example script-writing relates to drama, and hymn-writing relates to music. But creative writing is an art form in its own right whether the end products are liturgies, prayers, meditations, poems or stories. See also Hymns and songs in the Music area of the site.

plate_22_healing_john_reilly.jpgThe dull grey figure lies prostrate. He has given up the fight to live and is slowly sinking into the arms of death – hopefully to an oblivion that will free him from disease and pain, from the lethargy that has crept into his life and heart and taken away his energy and will to live, even the little power it would take to open his eyes.

Quiet moments in your day to reflect and focus your thoughts. Meditations published here will help you to do just that. Some will be for personal use while others may be more suitable for public worship.

Suggestions and a selection of prayers and liturgies.

This is where we publish hymns written by members. Unless stated otherwise, any hymn published here may be reproduced and used locally with due acknowledgement to the author. See also Hymns & Songs in the music section.

Poetry can draw our attention to things we hadn't noticed and challenge us to look below the surface. The work of some poets lends itself particularly to use by small groups looking at church life, community and prayer - think of the later poems of John Donne, the work of George Herbert, and TS Eliot's Four Quartets or Journey of the Magi. Most of the poems here were written by ArtServe members and unless stated otherwise may be reproduced and used locally with due acknowledgement to the author.

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These sets of notes, questions for discussion, and suggestions for prayer are designed for use by groups but may equally well be used by individuals. This is a resource for ArtServe members so login to see the full article. To print an article for use by your group click the PDF icon in the top right hand corner.


Books and magazines to whet your creative appetites. If you have suggestions or could to submit a review please get in touch.