Here is a new emotive worship resource for Good Friday consisting of two solo dramas and a prayer. If you are struggling for inspiration this Easter, this could be your starting point! These three pieces by David Stolton are written to be used together in worship, most appropriately for Good Friday.

Reviewed by Dudley Coates

The Testament of Mary is both a short novel and a play. The novel was shortlisted for the Man Booker prize in 2013. The play was first performed in New York; in May 2014 it came to the Barbican Theatre in London. Directed by Deborah Warner, it features the single actor, Warner's longtime collaborator Fiona Shaw, playing Mary, mother of Jesus. But this is not a Mary most Christians – whether brought up as Catholic or Protestant – would recognise.

This short drama can be used for the first Sunday of Christmas or for Epiphany.  It works best with young teenagers. The original version was written for two 14 year-old boys called Ben and Sam, but with a couple of minor adjustments (removal of the adverb “scornfully” for example) it could be equally appropriate for girls. You might like to substitute their names for the ones given. If you don’t have a band or music group in church, you could brief the congregation beforehand to sing the verses of the carol, as indicated.

At the ArtServe creative writing workshop held in Thetford on 31 August 2013, Sue Carne, Claire Watts and Brian Watts chose one character each to explore as they fleshed out the story of Onesimus. Here is the result of their labours, threaded into the Epistle to Philemon (from The Message).

A sketch for trainee preachers, by Heather Simm of Swadlincote, Derbyshire.

Candle & hymn book (MS Office)Drama can illuminate Bible stories or show the challenges of Christian living - and so can hymns - but do the approaches complement or contradict? Former ArtServe trustee Kit Harbottle reflects on this in a guest article for the Singing the Faith Plus website.

Homecoming - the father tries to bring two sons together

Acting out one or two parables at a church event is quite common. Weaving dozens of parables into a lively 70 minute show is something quite different. ArtServe member Roger Price of Coventry who wrote the show Parables - holy tales with a twist has generously made the script freely available and is now offering workshops to help churches use it in mission.

In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible, Thames Valley Methodist Circuit hosted a day of activity in April 2011. A Saturday of journeying around the circuit to encounter different parts of the Bible together was rounded off with a grand finale in Windsor.