This is where we publish hymns written by members. Unless stated otherwise, any hymn published here may be reproduced and used locally with due acknowledgement to the author. See also Hymns & Songs in the music section.

This hymn, by ArtServe member Margaret Leach, was published in the Spring 2021 issue of ArtServe magazine.

This hymn was written by ArtServe member Jo Kay in response to Geoff Wainwright's hymn-writing challenge to write a new hymn for the tune DIVINE MYSTERIES with its unusual metre 66 66 88 66 (in fact Jo's hymn is 67 66 88 66).

A hymn by Andrew Pratt written in response to the death of Nelson Mandela.

This hymn by Jo Kay reminds us that we are always precious and worthy to God, despite all our faults. It was written in 2011 and was inspired by a particular sermon.

This hymn was written by ArtServe member David Lythgoe and won first prize in the 2012 Methodist Recorder poetry competition. David has composed a tune for it, based on the folk melody Scarborough Fair. For more information about the music please contact us.

Many carols are sung with a warm feeling of nostalgia, and despite words which are sometimes of dubious provenance ("the little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes"; "Christian children all must be mild, obedient good as he"). Anne Sardeson, a minister in the United Reformed Church and a member of the Hymns for Healing project at Holy Rood House, Thirsk, has written some more socially aware versions, and slipping one or two into a carol service would not go amiss. Here is an example – of course Walthamstow can be changed to wherever you are. Damian Boddy

This hymn by Damian Boddy was written on 15/16 September 2012 at a Hymns for Healing workshop at Holy Rood House, Thirsk, North Yorkshire. John Bell led workshops on pastoral resources and had noted how difficult it was to write hymns on economics and prostitution. This hymn attempts to do both at once and while it is unlikely to be useful for Sunday worship, I hope it will find a place in group discussion.

This hymn for the Olympics was written by Christopher Idle. The Rochester Diocese is promoting it, and ArtServe has been asked by the ecumenical officer for Churches Together in Kent, the Revd Harvey Richardson, to circulate it widely.

This hymn, by Andrew Pratt, was written for ArtServe's annual conference at Swanwick, October 2011, and sung at the conference service.

This hymn for Lent was written by Jan Berry, Hymns for Healing, Holy Rood House, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.