Two carved figures

Sculptures can be immensely powerful and moving works of art. For those with limited or no eyesight, the opportunity to touch and feel a sculpture can speak volumes. Have you considered using sculptures as centre pieces for your worship, or for a meditation?


Tree of life mosaic

Many people have worked together to create a very special mosaic at Christ Church in Orpington, Kent.

It has taken seven months to bring this wonderful artwork to fruition. The mosaic, commissioned to mark the 75th anniversary of the church, was carried out by the whole church community led by artists Jo Colwill and Caroline Bailey. This is Caroline Bailey's account of the project.

mary_and_candle_small.jpgSculptures can lift a display from the ordinary. They do not necessarily need to be large, they need not be figurative, they can be unfinished and they do not have to be expensive. Jacqui Hicks has some ideas.

Using sculptures in worship displays can make a simple display more poignant. A chunky candle wrapped with barbed wire (see below) in itself speaks volumes but adding a kneeling sculpture adds prayer or despair or thanksgiviing - depending on the script you place with the display.