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A House of Praise, Part Two
Beyond our Dreaming

Both by Timothy Dudley-Smith, published by OUP/Hope Publishing, prices £25.95 and £10.95

Reviewed by Dudley Coates

ArtServe member Geoff Wainwright recently heard, on BBC Songs of Praise, the hymn tune DIVINE MYSTERIES composed by Francis Stansfield (1835-1914). Stansfield also wrote the words Sweet sacrament divine which are still often used, particularly by Roman Catholics. Geoff rather liked the tune, but he felt the words were rather old fashioned and so he wondered whether anyone might like to write some words with more contemporary feel.

diakonia_hiv_children_detail2.jpgIn March 2013, ArtServe director Rob Newton went to Chennai, South India, for the Methodist Church in Britain to assist musicians and songwriters to write songs in English for Indian churches on the faith response to social issues affecting South India.

Several songs are being produced in English and local Indian dialects on issues that include: the treatment of women; small agricultural works; the Dalits; the nuclear power station at Koolankulaam and its effect on fisher-folk; and children born with HIV. An album and DVD are being produced and a multi-sensory presentation evening should be on tour autumn 2013.

A seasonal exploration of Singing the Faith

Valerie Ruddle has prepared this programme for reading the 2011 Methodist hymn book in its entirety. Selections have been made for their seasonal relevance.

These resources provide cross-references between the Methodist hymn book Singing the Faith and a number of other hymn books, and are available for ArtServe members to download. There are two sets of cross-references, both produced by ArtServe members.

Singing the Faith is the latest Methodist Church hymn book, published in September 2011. Its website Singing the Faith Plus complements and supplements the book.

Singing the Faith can be seen as more than just a hymn book. It can be an opportunity to broaden our worship experience through drama, art and story. ArtServe member and composer Valerie Ruddle offers suggestions based on seasons of the church calendar.

Basic help with the spreadsheet

This article describes how to download the contents list for Singing the Faith, the new Methodist hymn book, and how to sort and filter the spreadsheet to get the most out of it.

At the start of the debate about the new hymn resource I wrote to the editor of the Methodist Recorder, as the debate rolls on some issues continue.