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ArtServe is a movement of people discovering and reflecting God’s creative gifts shared among us, so that God is known more fully and lives are transformed.

Music in its many styles has been prominent in our worship for many years and we uphold and develop all aspects of our musical life including worship bands, music groups, choirs, instrumentalists, organists, songwriters, and composers and arrangers.

Dance and drama play an increasingly significant role in the worship of many churches. Here we include mime, puppetry, circle dance and storytelling as well as the more obvious expressions of these art forms.

Visual arts represent ever-expanding possibilities, whether simply informing or being actively included in our worship: for example banners, flower arranging, paintings, sculpture, and film and photography. We want to develop ways to make these more accessible to all for use in worship.

Creative writers have many opportunities to contribute worship: hymns, liturgies, meditations, and storytelling are just some of the ways in which those who have a gift for the use of language can use their creativity to help others worship.

We run an annual festival weekend in the autumn which brings people together from all over the country to share experiences, explore creativity, develop ideas about how the arts can be used in worship, and to worship together.

ArtServe magazine is a key part of what we do. It enables members to share ideas and experiences with others, and provides them with encouragement and advice.

Anyone can sign up to receive our regular email newsletter.

ArtServe awards recognise contributions made to the life of the church through the arts. They can be for long service, for a special occasion, or for someone who has used the arts to encourage others to develop their faith.

We can provide financial support via the Freeman Trust in the form of grants to young people (though adults are not excluded) for tuition which helps them to contribute to music in worship.

Our Facebook Page features topics of interest to members and non-members alike – be sure to like it!

Our Members Facebook Group enables members to meet and greet online, share ideas and experiences, and support each other.

Online members’ chat – members can meet one another informally at 4.30 pm on the 14th of each month (or if the 14th is a Sunday, at 7.30pm on Monday 15th). The Zoom link is published on the Members Facebook Group, or members can request an invitation by emailing .

This website aims to provide you with encouragement, tips and advice. Members can log in and access everything on the site, though guests should still find plenty to interest and stimulate them.

We are a membership organisation and almost all our income comes from our members' subscriptions. For details of how to join, go to becoming a member.