Poetry can draw our attention to things we hadn't noticed and challenge us to look below the surface. The work of some poets lends itself particularly to use by small groups looking at church life, community and prayer - think of the later poems of John Donne, the work of George Herbert, and TS Eliot's Four Quartets or Journey of the Magi. Most of the poems here were written by ArtServe members and unless stated otherwise may be reproduced and used locally with due acknowledgement to the author.

This poem by ArtServe member Catherine James reflects on an experience of walking a labyrinth. Praying with the labyrinth is one of the optional activites at this year's ArtServe Festival in October.

I have found that to engage in rhythmic activities such as spinning, stitching and weaving allows anxiety and restless thoughts to be stripped away and I am able to be calm and centred in God’s presence. For me, this is prayer.


Among twenty-first century poets, Godfrey Rust stands out for writing challenging works that provoke us to look at what it really means to live our Christian faith. See for example this poem about being church. You can find more of Godfrey's poems on his website WordsOut. These are freely available to use in worship and study groups provided no financial profit is made from them by a third party and the source is acknowledged. Explore and enjoy.

Another poem by the Revd David New inspired by the work of Thomas Denny.
More about Thomas Denny's stained glass

Another poem by ArtServe member David New.

This poem was written by ArtServe member Jo Kay while on silent retreat at Douai Abbey in April 2013.

This poem was written by ArtServe member Jo Kay while on silent retreat at Douai Abbey in April 2013. The accompanying artwork is by Jules P Richards.

crown_of_thorns_small.jpgThese poems are tied to a particular season of the Church year. We hope to continue publishing seasonal poems by ArtServe members throughout the year. If you would like to submit a poem for consideration please email our journal editor.