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ArtServe's bank details

To make direct bank transfer payments to ArtServe via online banking, please use the following details:

HSBC, 8 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0NJ
Account name: ArtServe or Christian Creativity Ltd (either is acceptable)
Sort code: 40-07-13
Account no: 71872907

Confirmation of Payee

The banks have been introducing the system whereby direct payments must quote the recipient's account name. 'Artserve', 'Christian Creativity' and 'Christian Creativity Ltd' are all acceptable for this purpose. If you are asked to specify whether it's a business or a personal account, ours is a business account.

Confirmation of Payee applies only to new payees: if you already have a payee with our account details in your online banking, you shouldn't need to change anything, even if the account name is out of date.

As of March 2021, the UK's biggest banks (and some others) have implemented Confirmation of Payee, but several banks including TSB and Co-op Bank have yet to do so.

Please quote a reference

If you are paying your subscription please quote your membership reference so that it appears on our bank statement. If you are a new member, it's helpful if you can contact and ask for a membership reference to be allocated before you make the payment.

Members, log in to see your membership reference here.

If you are paying for a festival booking please quote your booking reference or the title of the event.

If you are paying for an ArtServe award please quote 'Awards' as the reference.

Please keep us informed

Please tell us the amount, date and purpose of your payment. Unless you have supplied this information on an online form such as the festival booking form, please inform us by email as follows:

  • Subscriptions: . If you have set up a regular payment please tell us – we can't distinguish a one-off payment from the first payment of a standing order.
  • Festival bookings:
  • Awards:
  • Anything else: .