A Celebration of Banners

A Celebration of Banners
Edited and compiled by Ruth Wood and Priscilla Nunnerley
Rochart (2008) - ISBN 978-0955858208

With the resurgence of knitting and needlecraft many churches have banner making groups producing hangings for decoration and for special occasions. Many have also found fellowship and fun!

This collection, from all over the United Kingdom as well as many other parts of the world, is a picture book of colour, texture and faith.

A Celebration of Banners gives a variety of free to copy ideas on how to design and make church praise banners, and makes both a spiritual and practical resource book. It can be used by anyone who enjoys Christian art.

Each banner is accompanied by a short description by the makers about its significance and how it came to be made. Some are very simple with stick-on felt figures and letters, whilst others are more designer conscious and intricate. One was made in an hour. All add something meaningful to the worship area.

From Canada comes a wall hanging made by men and women, fabric painting onto squares and arranged to represent the sky, the earth and the sea. Similarly eye catching is a patchwork quilt hanging of creation made by children from an Aids Orphanage in Kwa Zulu Natal. It is a wonderful, inspiring, beautifully produced collection designed to spur all potential banner makers into action.

The authors write:

A Celebration of Banners will encourage and inspire both experienced and aspiring church praise banner-makers. It may help to develop other creative arts in the Church of Christ. A Celebration of Banners is for anyone interested in the use of art forms to express the Christian faith. When compiling the book, our idea was to encourage church praise banner makers, but now we hope that others will enjoy it too.

A Celebration of Banners is also available on CD as PDF for viewing at £7 per CD. Any profits from the sale of this book will go to Tearfund and other Christian charities. How to order.