Jacqui Frost exhibition

Cathedral exhibitions of textile art

Since 2006 textile artist Jacqui Parkinson has created ten amazing hand stitched exhibitions. These were designed to tour around churches and cathedrals in England. This sounds impressive and indeed it is incredibly so. The delicately stitched work confronts life and faith with poems, biblical quotations and references.



Jacqui Frost exhibition

This book, about the ten exhibitions, is rather difficult to review because it touches the core of your feelings, it finds the raw edges of your emotions but also helps you to deal with them. This is quite difficult to put into words; you cannot help but respond to the heartfelt work that has gone into producing these pieces. I found the work exquisite, especially the section based on lace handkerchiefs. You really have to see to understand.

Jacqui Frost exhibition

Deo Gloria trust and Jacqui Parkinson have published this book with glorious close ups of the work, and with full colour images to help personal reflection. You can almost reach out and touch the stitchery. I have not seen the actual exhibitions but the book is quite incredible.

This book  has a very respectful feel to it whilst still challenging us to look at its themes afresh. So if you want a new look at textile ideas I would commend this book to you.

Cathedral Exhibitions has its own website where you can see the current venues of the 10 exhibitions.

threads through life and faith by Jacqui Parkinson (formerly Jacqui Frost) is available through Deo Gloria trust. At £20 it is well worth every penny.

Jacqui Hicks