This hymn, by Andrew Pratt, was written for ArtServe's annual conference at Swanwick, October 2011, and sung at the conference service.

The spectrum of our faith and praise,
the art that serves through craft or phrase,
brings vital energy and power
to colour this and every hour.

The words we write, the songs we find,
the music sung with heart and mind,
in harmony all bear a part
within our ringing, living art.

The sculpted form, the smell of oil,
the mix of paint, the artist's toil,
the isolated loneliness
we need within our busyness.

The way we mime, or phrase each word,
enhance the real, or the absurd,
bring humour to the roles we play,
to help the drama work its way.

The search for words that ring and rhyme,
the notes, the rhythm, keeping time,
the inspiration, craft and skill
to move each medium with God's will.

These gifts and graces we will bring,
and in God's praise create and sing;
dance to the rhythm of God's grace,
in step in every time and place! Amen!

© Andrew Pratt 22/9/2011