This hymn for the Olympics was written by Christopher Idle. The Rochester Diocese is promoting it, and ArtServe has been asked by the ecumenical officer for Churches Together in Kent, the Revd Harvey Richardson, to circulate it widely.

Let us run with perseverance,
on this Jesus fix our eyes
who endured from grief to glory,
faith's beginning and its prize.
Let us shed all things that hinder,
blur our vision, weigh us down;
look to him who brought redemption,
bore the cross and won the crown.

Some who run are counted heroes
gaining silver, bronze or gold;
all find joy in their competing,
round the track and round the world.
Some take part as paralympians,
climbing mountains to compete;
all need skill and strength and balance
for their course to be complete.

Some will measure time or distance,
record speed or length or height;
all in squad or team or solo
know the rules to keep them right.
Some will not be there for medals;
they too share this world of sport,
all who coach, supply and steward –
vital champions in support.

Trained and tuned, let us be ready,
hear the signal, start the race;
focussed to complete the circuit,
each in our appointed place.
Fully tested, still enduring,
on the goal we fix our eyes;
Christ for us has won the glory,
faith's beginning and its prize.

Christopher Idle
Suggested tune: LUX EOI