This hymn was written by ArtServe member David Lythgoe and won first prize in the 2012 Methodist Recorder poetry competition. David has composed a tune for it, based on the folk melody Scarborough Fair. For more information about the music please contact us.

There is a space on every mountain
only seen by those who look,
and the empty desert landscape
is a holy sacred book,

and the midnight sky that stretches
to the very edge of space
is ablaze with unseen glory
from our God of love and grace.

When a Schubert quintet pauses
and the notes hang on a prayer,
in the silence of that moment
you will know that God is there.

In the hollowed bowls of tulips
lies a heaven worth more than gold,
and the empty nests of skylarks
tell of joy they cannot hold.

You may glory in church windows,
in the stained glass, blue and green,
but God’s love is also painted
on the bare walls in-between.

Cherish all these sacred places
guard them well for you will find
they are holiness unwritten
on the pages of your mind.

© David Lythgoe, 2012