This hymn by Jo Kay reminds us that we are always precious and worthy to God, despite all our faults. It was written in 2011 and was inspired by a particular sermon.

God holds us all in the palm of His hands
Precious and worthy are we,
Each of us sheltered and kept safe from harm
Yet we are totally free.

The prodigal son was welcomed back home,
Precious and worthy was he.
Into the arms of his father he fell,
Saved and yet totally free.

Mary of Magdala washed Jesu’s feet,
Precious and worthy was she,
Poured out the perfume to dry with her hair,
Blessed and yet totally free.

Jesus the Lord when He died on the tree,
Precious and worthy was He.
Rose up again to forgive us our sins,
Loving us, setting us free.

So as we travel our journey of faith,
Precious and worthy are we.
Guide us and bless us and love us we ask,
Captive, yet totally free.

© Jo Kay 2011
Suggested tune: CANTICLE OF THE GIFT (HP 270)