A hymn for All Saints, by Andrew Pratt

Eternal fury fires the saints,
who shake and rattle, push and shove,
who challenge every bland excuse,
who seek for justice, work for love.

They make the world turn upside down,
they are a catalyst in pain,
they reach into our deepest hurt,
they bring the dead to life again.

And here is God, and here is love,
incarnate in this present place,
so close to grief in every age,
to channel healing faith and grace.

To listen, wait and weave as one,
to tell the stories that we know,
this is the calling that we share,
to let God's scary gospel show:

God hangs beyond the edge of hope,
outside the church, beyond the walls,
outside the doors that keep us in,
our neighbour Christ still sings and calls.

© Andrew Pratt 08/02/2011

Communion of Saints now!
Inspired by Barbara Glasson of the ‘Bread Church’, Liverpool; now in Bradford